The Elen Sparks Agency is a group of dedicated individuals looking to make a difference by serving others with all their marketing and event needs. Ideas become reality here and reality can move the world. ~ Elen Sparks Agency

Services Provided:
Marketing Plan Consultant
Event Planner
Event Partnerships Referrals
Building Future Company Vision
Graphic Design Work
Social Media Management
New Client Referrals
Structure Upcoming Events
In and Out of State Direction and Connections
Established Media Connections
PR Strategizing and Media Involvement
Podcast Producer and Creator

The Elen Sparks Agency specializes in marketing, event planning and public relations.
“Spark Sessions” are now available, 60 – 90 minute brainstorming marketing sessions. Sessions are industry specific and focused on generating the results you’ve been searching for. Click here to purchase.

As Marketing Consultant and Owner of Elen Sparks Agency, Elisa is determined to reach marketing objectives by emphasizing the strengths and unique stories to create an aura of allure and prestige, as well as increased profitability. Through her kaleidoscopic creative efforts, Elisa thrives on uplifting the unique talent of those around her by giving them a platform on which to showcase their own extraordinary potential. Together with a flair for PR, Elisa develops and manages lasting relationship between her clients and the media through intrigue, engagement, and sharp skill. Her acumen for creative direction inspires her team to consistently deliver outstanding results. Guest appearances on Good Morning Arizona and Sonoran Living, and numerous awards and achievements such as the 2005 Arizona Republic’s Successful Woman Business Owner Award, are examples of her growing influence on the Valley as a successful businesswoman who has built and directed numerous thriving entrepreneurial ventures. Focusing her professional efforts on marketing, events, and PR, Elisa has dedicated herself to leaving a positive mark on the community. Elisa’s visionary essence and her love for the arts are the driving force behind her mission to inspire those around her to explore their creative ingenuity and realize their own creative experience.

Click to Contact Elisa Lane 

Standards of culturally competent care for a wide variety of clients with diverse needs. With a high objective to create a positive impact in the lives and individuals she meets, Geny is known to provided a unique professional service and knowledge earned from an in-depth and innovative medical education with a pure love for humanity and human kind.

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