Ever get so wrapped up in the moment you lose track of time?
On a recent trip around the block I stumbled across a path that led to a trail that released me onto an adventure. After somewhat of a busy day in the office I was eager to take a walk and join the beauty found only outside. As I take for my usual stroll around the block, I was pulled to the right and as my thoughts became quite my step became rapid. I soon found myself on a bridge overlooking the freeway, the sidewalks of an affluent neighborhood and back to my usual surroundings. Throughout my stroll my mind was busy admiring the scene, I am pleased to say my wild side was out for a walk. The wild side I usually leave in bed and only dream with. I was thinking of traveling to new places, contemplating all the love I miss by not venturing out of my common everyday routine and what this New Year can be.
As I walked back into my pad and glazed at the time I realized I was running late for my next business appointment. My first thought was did I really stay out that long followed by when can I do it again.

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