Ever dream of being the Quarterback that saves the game or the Home Coming Queen that everyone admires? Living in a state that usually is glued together by new relationships, unknown faces and extended families, I find myself searching for the Fan Club. You know the group of people that love you no matter what. The people, who think the world of you even when you misspell words, mess up the punch line or gain 20 pounds. Where are the people who encourage, support and brag about you while you feel your cheeks going red? Is the f word I’m searching for family or fans? Take a look around and tell me what happened to the husband or wife who said I do, the coach who said you’re a super star, or the person who said they would never leave you? Does everyday mean you must hunt down someone new who will believe in you because you forgot how to? As I sit reflecting on what’s to come today I think of the people who motivate me and how grateful I feel to have known them, love them and call them friends or better yet “family”. Today I reflect on two special people who will forever make me special just because I had the chance to see them stand up for themselves, held their hands in time of pain and laughed together while tears roll down my face. Today I support myself by supporting others and will take the time to brag about someone else, which ironically supports me because I had a front row seat.

Remember without the fan there is no club.

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