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As a business owner there are times when I just get stuck on how best to do something. Sure, I know the end result I want, and I even know I want it with the least amount of effort. But when does spreading the news about yourself become annoying? In today’s ever changing and evolving world what is the polite and sincerest way to send information relating to – well – me?

I remember the first time I was invited to be a guest on a local morning TV show to showcase the newest looks of the season. I was so thrilled and excited. I was up most nights just thinking about all the great things I could present. The night before the show, I had a curious thought: Would anyone even care, or for that matter, would anyone even watch? Oh sure, I was a lover of fashion from the day I learned the word shoes, but why would anyone want to hear what I had to say?

As the doubts came harder and faster spinning me out of control, I quickly called a trusted friend and begged her to come with me. Surely she cared about what I had to say. Of course my parents would watch and tell all their bingo-playing friends, even my brother and sister would watch with intrigue. At least family would be watching.

I’ve always thought news traveled best when sent from someone other than yourself. Starting the chain of reaction was my biggest concern. Somehow I pulled myself together, left my family to do my PR, and did the show. When I got home that day I was greeted by my two little boys. I just had to ask them if they saw me on TV earlier in the day. They looked at each other, stared back at me and said, “Yeah – can we go out for dinner tonight?”

I realized I was no different.

Oh sure, that day will always be special to me, and only I can truly understand what I felt.

Listen, if you always do what you’re passionate about regardless of the feedback, stay aware that everyone has their own agenda and accept that some people just don’t care. Do this and your business will always shine.
And if your really lucky you’ll have people around who keep you stable, honest and humble. No one likes a showoff – or do they?

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