The “Right” Copy

typoramaWhen it comes to introducing yourself and describing your services, do you toss and turn wondering what to say and how to say it?

At a recent gathering Copywriter, Tesz Millan presented the audience with the idea of telling your story from a place of who you are instead of what you do (the story behind the story). She presented this concept with a simple yet elegant analogy. Think of yourself as a flat white piece of paper and start folding that sheet as if each fold represents a turning point in your life that elevated you in someway. The folded sheet is now transformed into an origami figure that only you can reflect out into the world today. Every fold and cut is a perfect reminder of the impact, confidence and balance our unique self brings to the world.

Next time you stand up to tell people who you are, stop and ask yourself; are you a one dimensional blank sheet of paper or are you a colorful origami unicorn ready to inspire and influence those around you?

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