Creating Events with Sparks


Today I was asked, how do you ensure your events are successful? I love this question!
Here are five steps to creating events with Sparks.

  1. Know your audience and the number of people you want to have attend your event.
  2. Understand and stay true to your budget. Being open and honest about what you are willing to pay for your event is one of the most powerful ways to create success and reduce stress.
  3. Location, Location, Location. Keep in mind your audiences again; consider their travel time and the convenience once they arrive.
  4. What values are you willing to give to your attendee? Education, connections and future involvement will come into play here.
  5. Gratitude. Appreciate the time and effort people have taken to participate in your event. We all have choices, make sure yours are deliberate, kind and always thoughtful.

Upcoming Events
Photo credit: Robert Westerman Photography
Location: Wrigley Mansion

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