Train Your Wheels

At the young age of 4 years old, I was given my first set of skates; yes the 4 wheels of wonder not the inline skates that took over the market and still is the go to today. I got the pleasure of learning the skill of balance on the original roller rink, disco playing, and watch out for others “Roller Skates”.

This week as a colleague used the words, “I’m still on training wheels” I was brought back to the day I learned to skate and we discussed the learning curve of growing a business. Let’s take a ride and see how business relates to skating.

In business, how long can we use the “excuse” of I’m still learning? When are we ready to take on what comes and let go of the fences we so delicately hold on to or should I say cling to. I realize that not everyone has the same skill level when starting a business. Some have curiosity, imagination, determination, ruthlessness, grace, fear and anger when starting out. For me starting my first business was the same feeling I had when I decided to learn to skate. I was in love with the idea of skating. I had this vision of myself in action; the new adventure filling my heart with passion and happiness, this feeling is “Freedom”. The freedom of letting go of the guiding hand that prevents injuring and taking that chance, that first step with wide eyes is one of the best feelings I know.

Oh sure I’ve fallen, many times and with every fall I learn something new. I challenge you to let go and take a chance on you. Work on that balancing act and when you fall, know that’s part of the freedom. Become dedicated to getting up and do it better every time.

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