Show Them

I love the quote: “Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.” by Ernest Hemingway

Taryl Hansen owner and illustrator for Frame the Message Ink, has something to show you. She has over 25 years working in elementary and adult education and is now traveling the world while working to help people better understand and retain information. Forget the days of sitting in the crowd while doing your best to understand concepts and ideas that are being thrown at you from the stage. Now you have the opportunity to interact and engage with the message. Taryl creates a “visual masterpiece in action” while the speaker facilitator runs the meeting, conference, workshop and or planning session.

Taryl’s unique talent and skill will be available for all to see September 2016 at Tedx Fountain Hills. You will also be able to experience the art of restoring credit while Taryl works along side speaker and creator of the Color My Credit method Alisa Glutz on
October 1st for the first annual Color My Credit Expo at the Tempe Improv, for more information and tickets Click Here

In the meantime, watch for Frame the Message Ink videos and images coming soon on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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