Tackle, Learn and Feed

Letting go of Drama and making room for Dreams. Have you ever had a dream so loud it wakes you up and inspires you to tackle the day with purpose? Today was that day for me. While looking forward to my youngest son’s senior year of High School Football, I was encouraged to dream about a way to bring community, love and happiness back into the world. As I sense the feeling of excitement I can also feel the fear of rejection. Sure I’ve planned and organized similar projects in the past but with my son now involved my heart becomes part of the game. I quickly realize what’s at stake if I don’t move forward. You must be wondering what I’m up to by now.

I call it Tackle, Learn and Feed, a program dedicated to connecting football moms and the educational community to better serve and feed the underprivileged by teaming up with local food banks in the area. The mission is simple, huddle football moms and the players from local schools and tackle the needs of the nearby food banks. Resulting in players who care. No Drama just Dream. Making a world worth living and plays worth making.

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