Before You Social Media

productivity4 Things to Consider Before you Post

  1. Plan ahead and schedule posts on Facebook. Choose a theme for your business page for the month/week and post accordingly. Creating and scheduling ahead for your business page will save time and worry. Add 1-2 hours of social media planning to your schedule once a week and enjoy the freedom that knowing your posts are on schedule can give you. Time is the most valuable asset you have, learn to manage your social media time and take notice of the time you have back. 
  2. Be creative. This is the perfect time to bring in your staff, business coaches and your social media marketing team. Get creative with your message and ensure your posts have a relatable intention set in place. Ask your team to come up with ideas and suggestions that your audience would enjoy engaging with. Now add the ideas to your plan from step one. 
  3. Tag your pictures with locations and the people in them. Be sure to add your business logo to your images. Every image is a chance to brand your business and connect the audience back to your business. And once the image is shared, guess what…. Your business logo goes too. Welcome the shares and the extra impressions. 
  4. Above all else “Have Fun“. Your social media can be a fun project that adds value and personality to your already fabulous brand. Allow for mistakes and engage with others like you would in person. Social media is a wonderful platform for meeting and inviting new guests to your business page. Think of social media as your living room and take great care of the people that enter your space. Thank them often and ask questions that increase interest and curiosity. Customer service online began the moment you learn the words “social media”. It is here to stay, so have purpose and be conscious of the words you release out into the world. 

    Bonus tip – still confused and have more questions about what to do next. Schedule a “90 minute Sparks Session” with the Elen Sparks Agency. Get all you answers and develop a social media plan of action you can feel confident and proud of. 480.440.5557

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