Playing the Game and Finding Home

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Sheela Giraudo is not your average real estate agent. When you represent VIP clients like professional athletes, celebrities, and the business elite, you commit to deliver VIP service and VIP results.

Whether you’re selling your house or buying a new home, it’s often a rollercoaster experience of excitement, frustration, confusion, and ultimately, commitment. Coupled with the career obligations of a professional athlete, bouncing all over the country for different events at any given moment, where do you find the time (and energy) to invest in your life’s transition?

Look no further than Sheela Giraudo. Going “above and beyond” the extra mile for her VIP clients, Sheela strives to deliver consistent action and assurance. Her diverse experience in luxury property, real estate investment and professional relocation offers clients exclusive insight into the realm of real estate management.

Warm, trustworthy, and reliable, Sheela ensures her clients and their family’s needs are met through a personable touch that can only be accomplished through honest listening and genuine engagement. What she delivers to her clients is not just a new home, but a new life.

For more information on how you can ensure a smooth transition to or from the Valley of the Sun, go Here

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