Right at Your Fingertips


Health and wellbeing has taken our world by storm, having us enrolled in gyms, meditation classes, yoga, and buying countless numbers of books and informational videos. We are simply just curious…wanting to uncover the happenings behind the scenes; what makes our very well- oiled machine, called the ‘human body,’ tick!

Proactivity is the name of the game, and having a trusted and knowledgeable healthcare practitioner by your side is part if the recipe for success. What stops one from seeking out such guidance? Perhaps is inaccessibility to your doctor or simply the quality time, attention and care you desire but often don’t receive.

Dr. Susan Wilder with Lifescape Premier has tapped into a new way of delivering quality care, through Concierge Medicine. Traditionally the term ‘concierge’ would be encountered in hotels, and the industry of Travel &Tourism. In the medical context, concierge entails patients having access to their doctor at any time for any concerns that may arise. This is made possible through having intimate practices, such as Lifescape Premier has created. Walking into their offices, you encounter soft colored walls, beautiful relaxation music and the kindest front desk staff. Dr. Wilder then promptly greets you with a smile and her enthusiastic energy. You get the sense that your care is in great, competent and trustworthy hands. If this is new age medicine, I’m all for it!

In Health,
Geny Augustine Chasse M.D.

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