Diary of a X- Fat Nerd, Part 1


As I enter my 8th day of my challenge of will power, staring at candy apples without drooling and drinking water and doing cardio till I’m blue in the face…I stand tall because I chose this! I consciously chose this life-of setting the stakes high, and putting my derriere on the line…literally in this case.

This 6 week ‘shred down’ has got me thinking bigger than how great I’ll look in a bikini. It was awakened a consciousness of I am what I eat. Its wildly simple, but mind-blowing…and can be interpreted in any way. Conscious, clean eating is my current game, and is giving me a true sense of vitality and accomplishment.

Chef Jennifer Johnson with Witnessing Nature in Food plays the game of organic, eco-conscious eating. Promoting sustainability, and a mindfulness of the Earth, while licking your fingers and plate clean because her food is so damn tasty! This level of consciousness holds roots of respect and gratitude to our mother Earth, as we can’t forget that she is the ultimate provider.

In Health,
Geny Augustine Chasse M.D.

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