Dhariya- Courage

IMG_6073Dhariya- Courage

What’s the fun in doing anything alone?
Strength in numbers. It takes a village to raise a child.

How often do we isolate ourselves from humanity thinking that we are stronger, more powerful and make a greater impact solo? The question is…does impact and movement happen without a backing…a band of people who support, elevate and believe in your cause?

I have had recent thoughts about this…as Elisa brought to my attention that so far in my career and education, my considerations and actions are those that only benefit me directly.

What a mind-blowing revelation… as all this time I thought the title M.D. encompassed “at the service of others” …that it was a given! Of course, I’m for the people…

What I didn’t understand that without the intention of empowering others and being up to something outside of myself…there was no sense of ‘taking a stand for another’, resulting in no movement.

I seriously contemplated this all afternoon…. Was this the missing link to feeling 1000% connected to my MISSION on Earth? That passionate drive that has you wake up in the morning gleaming with purpose and a confident ‘knowning-ness’.

I finally tapped into what made my heart sing…. was the empowerment of others that they can do and be anything… as vague as that may sound…I realized that M.D. comes with a platform to make that stand… starting in the highest level physical and mental health…and being an example of going after the very dreams and desires that terrify me.

Those dreams are being a medical doctor, taking a stand for healthy living for both the patient and doctor communities, creating a movement of accessible healthcare, on a global scale, being a very present, and loving mother and wife, and to take on the unbeaten path with confidence, courage and all the love, support and participation of all my communities combined.

In health and with Love,
Geny Augustine Chasse M.D.



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