Marketing Team

Elen Sparks Executive Team


Elisa Lane / Elen Sparks Agency Owner & Creative Director

As Marketing Consultant and Owner of Elen Sparks Agency, Elisa Lane is determined to reach marketing objectives by emphasizing the strengths and unique stories to create an aura of allure and prestige, as well as increased profitability. Through her kaleidoscopic creative efforts, Elisa thrives on uplifting the unique talent of those around her by giving them a platform to showcase their own extraordinary potential.
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Geny Augustine Chasse, M.D. / Community Outreach

Geny Augustine Chasse M.D.
Community Outreach

Geny has acquired a variety of volunteer, business and educational experiences, ensuring the highest standards of culturally competent care for a wide variety of clients with diverse needs. With a high objective to create a positive impact in the lives and individuals she meets, Geny is known to provided a unique professional service and knowledge earned from an in-depth and innovative medical education with a pure love for humanity and human kind. Learn More



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Virginia Miller “Curious Gin” / Communications Director

Virginia Miller “Curious Gin”
Communications Director

A huge fan of creative collaboration, Virginia follows her spirit to serve others by aligning with individuals and organizations that strive to create a healthy environment and a thriving community. Virginia shares her compassionate charisma through creative writing and diverse volunteer projects, from cleaning up parks to collecting survey data, she’s constantly working to make the world she loves a better place for everyone. Learn more