Sparks Sessions are 90 minutes dedicated to making you win when is comes to your marketing and business growth $297 – also used as a credit into your next package

Marketing Consultant 30 minutes per week

  • $650 monthly – 3 months minimum – paid in full $1950
  • 6 months $3600 – 1 press release included
  • 12 months $6600 – 2 press releases are included

Marketing Consultant 60 minutes per week 

  • $1300 monthly (automated)
  • 6 months $7200 – 2 press releases are included
  • 12 months $13,200 – 4 press releases are included

It’s vital to business success to have an open line of communication and to develop a strong marketing plan. By establishing a marketing strategy/plan, we develop a well thought out path to follow. Social media engagement, securing media coverage, partnerships, advertising and growth ideas are included in all packages. In order to accomplish set marketing goals we will meet weekly over the phone.

Event Planning Services
It’s vital to event success to have an open line of communication. By establishing a marketing strategy, we develop a well thought out path to follow.

Sip and Listen Podcast

started because we wanted to bring people together and give a voice to professionals who are positively engaging with and impacting their community though conscious marketing, dynamic services and products, and a mindful approach. We decided the best way to achieve this objective was to create a show where we could highlight amazing people, their businesses and their mission. Our audience is as diverse as our guests reaching thousands each month.  We love seeing where each conversation goes and how each story unfolds!

Recording live every Tuesday’s at 11am, or on demand 24/7 on Star Worldwide Networks, our podcast aspires to provide great insight and discussion on all things Marketing, Money and Mindset…It’s all about Empowering GREATNESS! So Sip and Listen Now.

We look forward to partnering with You!

Sip and Listen Podcast
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Aaron Kerscher
Can I say you won’t find a better person than Elisa, she truly cares about your success. I felt it, so much so that I felt the need to talk about it. Elisa is assisting me in taking my Vision to a Nationwide Realty!! Her guidance and mentorship has proven indispensable. How I knows she truly cares? Elisa said on some services she recommended that use a different person/company. Stating that “I know this will be a perfect fit for what you are needing/wanting” Not to say she couldn’t have taken that herself and billed for it. Rare in any business to find an individual not just focusing on how can I get more from this client. Rather have them FOCUS on what is needed for the client. BRAVO Elen Sparks Advertising, you have a client for life.

Brian Allen
Director of Security
I wholeheartedly recommend hiring Elisa for any projects that you may have. Her creative thinking is her marketing genius, while her personality blends into any environment and creates cohesion, while her past work experience is very high quality. It’s that work experience that has given her the incredible management & project management skill sets she has today.

Robert Reed
Solving Corporate Social Media problems with a proven process/Inspired Social Media Educator /Speaker/Strategist
Elisa, has a flair for building great relationships. The most important thing for me is being able to trust that someone is really going to follow through with a task or project. I would recommend Elisa not only because she is trustorthy but she is an expert in her sales field.

Jeff Rowles
Award-Winning Creative Professional: Graphic Design, Writing, Advertising, Branding, Print Expert
Elisa is an usually unique assent. In addition to traditional sales & marketing techniques, she has the vision, and skill set, to utilize social media for her maketing & sales endeavors. This includes researching new prospecs & promotions, as well as building relationships with new & existing clients on an almost personal level. This translates into high-yield revenue in the long run. Additionally, she’s friendly with a calm demeanor: cool under pressure when working within teams, but particularly when leading them. For practical long-term and lucrative results, with true deadication, Elisa is the one you want in your corner.

Ed Mitzen
Founder, Fingerpaint
Elisa is wonderful to work with. She helped us bring a new client into the magazine as an advertiser, and her follow-up and willingness to find ways to help us were second to none. First class treatment all the way.

Leslee Alexander
Founder and CEO Event Pros
I have known Elisa Lane for several years. She joined the TRUmatch team in 2013 and always committed 100% percent to any task she was involved with. Elisa has the type of work ethic employer’s hope to have on their team. She goes above and beyond with any job she is assigned. I have found Elisa to be a loyal, motivated and hardworking contractor. I would highly recommend her for any short term or long term projects you are working on. Her expertise in the marketing field is heads and shoulders above many in her field. Thank you Elisa for always jumping and continuing to support the TRUmatch team. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Kristin Kulpa
Account Fleet Coordinator at Enterprise Fleet Management
Elisa is so wonderful to work with. She is a motivator, has a creative outlook and an all around blast! Her fresh take on marketing is inspiring!

Jim Lupkin
#1 Best Selling Author with Network Marketing For Facebook
Elisa has an infectious happiness about her. Whenever I am in her presence, I can’t help but to feel in a great mood! She is the same way with clients. By the time a client comes to the company, they are already asking to get started! She puts people at ease. She is very professional. She has truly captured the importance of having A+ people skills.